Flamenco with Ana Otero

Red Flamenco Dress

Flamenco, in its strictest sense, is a professionalized art-form based on the various folkloric music traditions of southern Spain in the autonomous communities of Andalusia.

It is one of the the most disciplined and oldest Art forms in the world. The universal language of dance allows all forms of expression telling the story of an individuals life Eg love, happiness, loss, passion and solitude.  Those emotions that are from one's soul.

Class Schedule

Beginner Flamenco Class

* On Hold Until Further Notice *​

All classes include

Body techniques 
Shawl and fan work

Flamenco percussion class will also be available using a Cajon which is a percussion box/drum. 

About Ana Otero

Ana began Flamenco at the tender age of 5 with her first official lesson taken at the age of 7 in Sevilla, Spain. She is of Spanish origin and has been an exponent of Flamenco for the past 30 years. She is widely recognized as one of the best Flamenco dancers and choreographers in Australia, having worked with the highest quality flamenco dancers from here and from Spain. She conducts master classes at flamenco schools in Australia.

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