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Dancespace383  Wollongong has been serving the Illawarra and Australia for  60 years.


Located at 11 Glebe Street - Dancespace383 Wollongong is home to Australia's top competition Ballroom dancers and regularly visited from Dancers from all over the World.


Dancespace383 Wollongong (formerly Reeve Dance Academy) was set up by Ray and Margaret Reeve.  The studio is now owned by Alan and Donna Shingler (Reeve).

Dancespace383 Wollongong is the highest achieving Ballroom Dancing Academy in Australia and as such is home to many high achieving competition couples.  Many couples have moved  from Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra and New Zealand to train at Dancespace 383 - it is the hub of competitive Ballroom training in Australia. 


Dancespace 383 Wollongong also has a thriving social dancing community.  From beginner level to advanced classes, we are passionate about sharing the love of dancing with our students. Our popular classes and social nights are busy throughout the entire year, and are filled with friendly dancers of all experience levels. 


We organise wonderful special events and medal examinations throughout the year in the studio, adding to our warm family atmosphere.  

The future of dancing is bright, and Dancespace383 Wollongong is here to stay!  We are a proud family business and love being in Wollongong.


Dancespace383 Wollongong

11 Glebe Street 
NSW 2500
Ph: 4229 9222

M: 0419494661

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